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Public Workshop #2 Held

The second public workshop for the Dobbins ARB JLUS was held on October 30, 2014 at Marietta High School in Marietta, GA. This workshop provided the public with a project update and an opportunity for the community to increase their understanding of issues and the Dobbins ARB influence areas being addressed through the JLUS.
During the workshop, the project team gave an overview of the current status of the JLUS project, discussed how public involvement is integrated in the JLUS process, provided an overview of the Dobbins ARB operational areas, discussed the development of compatibility issues that have been identified to date, and answered questions from participants. The public also had an opportunity to provide their input on the prioritization of the issues and pose new issues previously not considered.

Click here to download the Public Forum #2 presentation.

Click here to download the results of the public prioritization of issues.

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