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Dobbins ARB JLUS - Public Draft

The links below provide access to the Public Draft documents that make up the Dobbins ARB JLUS. These documents are being released for public review and comment as part of a review period that will end on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

The contact person for this project is Mr. Dana Johnson with the Cobb County Community Development Agency. Comments may be mailed to Mr. Johnson at P.O. Box 649 Marietta, GA 30061-0649 or emailed to him (click here for email) no later than 11:59 PM on February 11, 2015. Comments may also be sent via FAX at 770-528-2161 by the same time and date.

In order to develop a plan that is responsive to local needs, input from the community is critical. You are encouraged to join us at the Public Open House to provide your questions, comments, or concerns on the Public Draft JLUS in person with the JLUS development team.

Click here to download the Public Draft JLUS Report
This is the main JLUS document, and provides a summary of key findings, areas affected, and recommended strategies.

Click here to download the Public Draft JLUS Background Report
This document provides detailed information on existing conditions and compatibility issues, and is a supporting document to the JLUS Report.

Click here to download the Comment Sheet
This file (provided in Microsoft Word) can be used to submit comments on the Public Draft JLUS and Background Report.

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